One of the most popular games on the planet, Mojang's Minecraft has captured the hearts of millions. I currently run a Forge 1.8 survival server called Kashyyyk, named for the Wookie home world in the Star Wars universe in deference to my Minecraft alter ego, Jumbacca. As a forge server, it allows the use of custom, community built MOD's that extend the features of the base game, but it also means that anyone that plays on my server will require the Forge client add-on and the client-side versions of some of the MOD's I have running on the server.

Below I have included the server information, links for Forge and the required client-side MOD's and some optional MOD's that could add some useful features, and setup instructions to get you started on your new adventures. I hope you enjoy yourself, and welcome to my world!

Please note that these instructions assume you are running Windows.  The installation instructions will vary for other operating systems.

Server Information


Setup Instructions